English Grammar in Focus: Text Linguistics

English Grammar in Focus: Text Linguistics

Miguel Ángel Martínez-Cabeza

English Grammar in Focus: Text-Linguistics provides a general introduction to the textual level of the English language. A functional approach is focused first on the clausal level considering speech acts and information units. Then cohesion and coherence are examined as the distinctive categories of texts. Finally the various groupings of texts into types, genres and registers are described.

This is the fourth of the four volumes that comprise the series English grammar in focus, a collection of handbooks that is aimed to familiarize university students with the essentials of English grammatical description. Although each volume can be used as a self-contained coursebook, the series as a whole is intended to serve as a comphehensive introduction to all levels of grammatical description, from the morpheme as the smallest unit of grammar, to complex textual units.

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