Spanish Thinking about Animals

Spanish Thinking about AnimalsMargarita Carretero González (ed.)

Traditional cultural practices involving animals are being seriously questioned, heavily regulated, and, in some cases, even abolished in Spain.

This essential and timely text brings together prominent scholars working in the ever-expanding field of animal studies in Spain, drawing from a variety of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences to provide an interdisciplinary look at the animal question.

In choosing an angle to approach the study of ethical, aesthetic considerations, and cultural  representations of animals, this collection moves away from the ideology of human exceptionalism that is still predominant but progressively losing force in the field of animal ethics in Spain. It instead includes contributions by scholars who have chosen to look at animals, to a lesser or greater degree, through an antispeciesist lens, displaying the committed attention to and respect for animal life that characterizes critical animal studies.

Spanish Thinking about Animals
ed. Margarita Carretero González
June 2020
Ed. Michigan State University Press
Cover image by El Niño de las Pinturas
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