Populist Discourse. Critical Approaches to Contemporary Politics

Populist DiscourseEncarnación Hidalgo-Tenorio, Miguel Ángel Benítez-Castro & Francesca De Cesare (eds.)

    • Populist Discourse brings together experts from both linguistics and political science to analyse the language of populist leaders and the media’s representation of populism in different temporal, geographical and ideological contexts, including Nazi Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Greece, the UK, the US and South America. With 17 contributions split into four sections, Populist Discourse covers a variety of approaches such as corpus-based discourse analysis, critical discourse analysis and political perspectives, making it a timely dissection for students and researchers working in linguistics, political science and communication.

«A timely and significant collection that probes the most disturbing and dangerous political phenomenon of our civilisation. Anyone concerned about the resurgence of populism and nationalism will benefit from the insights of the contributors to this volume. Understanding what is going on is but a first step, but a crucial one.» (Paul Chilton, Lancaster University, UK)


Ed.: Routledge | 2019 | 316 pp. 

ISBN: 978-1-1385-4148-1 (paperback); 978-1-1385-4135-1 (hardback), 978-0-4290-2675-1 (ebook)

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