English Grammar in Focus. The Phrase

English Grammar in Focus. The PhraseJuan Santana (ed.)

English Grammar in Focus. The Phrase provides a detailed study of the phrase, traditionally considered as intermediate between the word and the clause in the hierarchy of grammatical units.  The book introduces the general features of this unit and then discusses each of the major endocentric and exocentric phrases. The approach is mostly descriptive and theory-neutral but alternative analyses of problematic aspects are occasionally presented and innovative views developed by the authors of the different chapters are offered as a contribution to the on-going discussion of specific aspects of this much-debated grammatical unit.This is the third of the four volumes that comprise the series English Grammar in Focus, a collection of handbooks that is aimed to familiarise university students with the essentials of English grammatical description. Although each volume can be used as a self-contained coursebook, the series as a whole is intended to serve as a comprehensive introduction to all levels of grammatical description, from the morpheme as the smallest constituent of grammar, to complex textual units.


Chapter 1: The Phrase As A Grammatical Unit  (Juan Santana Lario)
Chapter 2: The Verb Phrase (Luis Quereda Rodríguez-Navarro)
Chapter 3: The Noun Phrase (Ana Díaz Negrillo & Juan Santana Lario)
Chapter 4: The Prepositional Phrase (Encarnación Hidalgo Tenorio)
Chapter 5: The Adjective Phrase (Juan Santana Lario)
Chapter 6: The Adverb Phrase (Salvador Valera Hernández)


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Año: 2018

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